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On board air systems are becoming a standard for the majority of the builds that come through the EC Offroad workshops. We are constantly working on creating better integrations and offering smarter solutions for our customers. Over the years we have been generating brackets that mount in less obscure locations that allow our customers to not have wasted space in their vehicle, and still generate adequate air flow to either inflate tyres, or assist in operations of the onboard air requirements. We have tested multiple brands and styles of compressors and air tanks to find the foundations that we rely on for both wagons and ute styles of vehicles.
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Air Systems

Offroad vehicles and 4x4s are often equipped with a diverse range of awnings tailored to meet various outdoor needs. These awnings come in all shapes and sizes, offering versatile solutions for shelter, shade, and protection against the elements during outdoor adventures. From compact retractable awnings suitable for quick stops to expansive canopy-style setups ideal for extended stays, there’s a wide array of options available to cater to different preferences and requirements. With numerous brands competing in the market, consumers have the flexibility to choose from a plethora of designs, materials, and features, ensuring they find the perfect awning to complement their offroad lifestyle without compromising on quality or functionality.
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With many years of experience in driving off road and modifying vehicles, our team of specialists have tried and experienced the difference between all of the options on the market when it comes to Lockers. We have on offer the option of both Air Lockers and E-Lockers from various manufactures to suit different applications and vehicles.
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Diff Lockers

Before EC was formed, we were making drawer systems in our own vehicles and working out different configurations and requirements to suit different needs. Once EC Offroad was created, we had in our mind what the perfect set of drawers looked like for our own cars, and in the beginning recognised that every customers needs and requirements is going to be different. Because of this, we now offer a number of different drawer systems from a range of suppliers across the country. We have found that rarely there will be 2 customers that require the exact same needs in drawers, and in most cases if our customers go for a standard 2 drawers, they are generally settling and making do with what is readily available and within budget. For everything else, we have the ability to make any tyre of drawer system to suit your needs perfectly.
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At EC Offroad, we understand the paramount significance of spotlights, light bars, and work lights when it comes to enhancing both the functionality and aesthetics of your vehicle. Beyond mere accessories, these lighting solutions play a crucial role in elevating your driving experience, ensuring safety, and unlocking new possibilities during various activities. Whether you’re navigating off-road terrains, working on a project in low-light conditions, or simply looking to give your vehicle a distinct flair, our team of experts is dedicated to seamlessly integrating cutting-edge lighting solutions into your ride. Explore the transformative power of illumination with us, where every installation is a testament to precision, durability, and a commitment to delivering a brighter, safer journey for you and your vehicle.
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Driving Lights

Building an offroad vehicle for touring, weekender or daily use, we have a range of options when it comes to electrical packages to suit everyone’s needs. We have twin lithium under bonnet options, behind or under rear seats, in canopy and even waterproof under tray options available when it comes to the battery systems. Pair these up with inverters of all shapes and sizes to suit your needs. If it’s something as simple as charging a laptop or camera equipment, all the way through to running an air conditioner in your caravan. We have a number of options available to suit everyone’s needs, and charging systems to make sure you’re always topped up.
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Electrical Packages

Trialling Exhaust systems since we began, we have had custom made exhaust systems from our local exhaust shops, pre made systems from well known exhausts manufacturers and we import exhaust systems from America for some of the bigger American Truck builds. We know the brands that work the best, sounds the best and we’ve tested them all with performance and tuning to make sure you get the best results on your car.
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EC Offroad offers a range of pre registration and post registration GVM upgrades for a large number of vehicles. Check out the vehicles below and what’s involved in upgrading the weights to suit your needs.
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GVM Upgrades

When EC Offroad first started, one of our first customers requests outside of the head units, was to install a roof rack. Living and breathing 4x4ing and the offroad lifestyle, we knew the level of importance a roof rack holds in an over all build of a vehicle. A roof rack can be required to hold an awning, mount a light bar, a UHF’s Antenna when a bull bar mount isn’t an option or even if it’s just to mount your recovery boards. The multiple uses of a roof rack means you will need to have a roof that has accessory options available, and always keeping up with the evolution of the offroad industry.
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Roof Racks

When it comes to side steps, we like to offer the options of many styles and types to suit everyone’s needs. We have tube side steps that can be with a flat tops to suit different peoples tastes and needs. We also offer a range of electronic side steps or drop steps that will drop down with the car’s door opening. The drop down side steps also generally have lighting attached for night visibility.
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Side Steps

Selecting the appropriate aftermarket suspension for an off-road vehicle is paramount for optimizing performance and ensuring safety in all terrains. At EC Offroad, renowned for its expertise in off-road vehicle modifications, the importance of this decision is deeply ingrained in our business ethos. With many years of experience and a meticulous understanding of various terrains and vehicle dynamics, EC Offroad emphasises the significance of tailored suspension systems. The right suspension setup enhances traction, stability, and manoeuvrability, enabling drivers to navigate challenging landscapes with confidence. Whether it’s conquering rocky trails or tackling sandy dunes, EC Offroad’s commitment to selecting the right aftermarket suspension ensures enthusiasts can push the limits of their off-road adventures while maintaining control and comfort.
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EC Offroad has always served as your ultimate destination for streamlining your automotive projects. When it comes to vehicle builds, our aim is to provide a comprehensive array of services under one roof, sparing you the hassle of navigating between multiple vendors. Through years of collaboration with esteemed tuning companies, we’ve meticulously identified the industry’s finest, specialising in various vehicles and their diverse applications.
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When it comes to Wheels and Tyres, it’s important to have options to suit different applications required. We have tried most off road wheels and tyres and pushed them to their limits in real life scenarios. Below is a list of a few brands that we regularly use and rely on with our own vehicles.
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Wheels and Tyres

4×4 winches give you piece of mind that you can recover your 4wd, or travel solo overland, touring through the outback, high country, tele track or bush with the ability to self recover, or help someone else pull their vehicle out of a bog.
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Winch Options

A true touring build isn’t complete without a perfectly setup Tray and Canopy fitting to a chopped Landcruiser or Patrol or a kitted out American truck. We offer a range of setups to suit multiple purposes and requirements.
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Trays & Canopies

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